Suicide Griever's Support Group

Healing after a Loved One’s Suicide

Grief Support

Meetings are held in Sebastian, FL.
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Where do I start?

Know that you are not alone.

It can be so powerful to connect with other grievers and such a relief to be able to talk openly about suicide with people who understand.

Come to talk.

Come to listen.

Come to share your experience.

Come to support others.

Come to begin your healing.

The time required for healing cannot be neatly measured against any calendar. Piece by piece, you begin to re-enter the world.

Grief Support


The most complicated, the least understood human behavior.

Grief will touch all areas of your life.

Spiritual: You may question your beliefs.

Psychological: Interferes with clear thinking, decision making, memory and involves a wide variety of feelings and reactions.

Physical: Takes more energy than you ever imagined.

Social: Others often have unrealistic expectations about your mourning and may respond inappropriately to you.



To share experiences about the death of a loved one and your grief.


A safe, welcoming place

Confidentiality is observed

Sharing only as you are comfortable to do so.

Your story is true and unique and not open to comparison.

Thoughts and feelings are neither right or wrong.

They just are.

Grief Support

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Ellie Riga M.Ed

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